I usually cover my face because of my upperlip hairgrowth, I feel like covering my legs all the time, I am not too fair, My grades are falling, What if I score less than my best friend, What if he/ she gets more popularity, I’m not amongst the best five in my class. Hairfall, blemishes, so on and so forth..

                        the teenage problems..

Impulsive and competent, but not ready to talk, share and have no time to work on the mistakes. INDECISIVE, INSECURED, AHEAD OF TIME, NO VALUE FOR MONEY, ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING BETTER AND MORE THAN NEEDED. NO ONE CARES FOR ME, NO ONE NEEDS ME.

My head is spinning now. Is it insecurity or disbelief or am I losing confidence? I hate myself.. Why is he better than me? I love his car.. His parents are so cool.. He has his personal room..

Usually we all go through this pressure. And sometimes to feel relieved we take up smoking, drugs, or even attempt suicide. But is it a solution or is it generating another and a major problem? We get lost because we compare and compete. But every individual is different with their own mind sets, their own qualities. We all are gifted but don’t realize on time because we are not focused. We all are racing ahead of time. But all can’t reach the stars because we all are not meant to do the same thing.

Realizing my ability to do something creative which satisfies me, be it sowing a seed , cooking, going to bed, watering plants, watching a favourite tv programme but it is for myself. I’m not being selfish but just satisfying my small needs without hurting the surroundings but keeping myself first. I’m not amongst the rat race and I’m not a follower. I have my own instincts because I know I exist. And when I make a mistake I’m sure with guidance it will be mended. I have my parent or my friend or my teacher or my sibling to guide me always because I talk, I share my fears, my drawbacks, my disabilities and they are there to guide me for my future abilities. As I’m capable of focusing on my desires. I’m sure of my qualities and my weaknesses as well. There’s nothing bad in realizing my bad qualities and sharing it with a well wisher and then working on it. So that I overcome a weakness or a fear to be more confident and sure. Talking about confidence either we lack it or have it in abundance. This is not a problem but a part of growing up and experiencing something new and different. Everyday is different and maybe more difficult than yesterday. But without living it how can we judge. Lets put all our fears, weaknesses and disabilities aside and live the moment.

Let’s be positive. First thing is stop usage of negative words in speech and in writing as well. Having faith in one’s belief. Standing by my own mistakes, accepting them and mending them as well. Stop being impulsive and jumping on conclusions. Half of the things are understood and done. Now treating every person as an individual and not judging them with our mind. Letting out emotions is not yearning sympathy or being weak. Rather outgrowing by talking and sharing. By sharing experiences one concludes and grows.

I want to be more popular. I’ll stop coming by school transport. Car can divert everyone’s attention. Talking to boys can give me popularity but getting good marks is something for a different class. Why we categorize girls and boys? Why are we gender biased? Why can’t we be just friends? Because our mind sets are such. We are drilled to stay away from each other. Making an issue out of it and creating an embarrassing situation for either of the two will not provide any benefit. Rather making an environment where both can breathe and grow. Howling and scolding is not a solution. What all is done out of fear is more terrible and sometimes irreparable. So time to rethink and rebuilt the TRUST in our children is important. Do make them aware of good and bad and guide them timely. They are the future but can outshine with a little trust and guidance. It is just the same as cooking a dish without knowing the recipe. How can we judge an individual without putting ourselves in the same situation. It is easy to say rather than work on something practically. Sometimes we are not aware of our inhibitions and make fun of others. Making life worth is not only by reaching MOON or being a MILLIONAIRE or by DISCOVERING or INVENTING something. But by discovering good and bad in ourselves and inventing an environment where acceptance is foremost. This is what we call…REACHING MOON.

I have the confidence to carry my life as it is but I’m sure I’ll make an effort to make it worth living. Charity begins at home.. this home is within me…my actions.. are judged by my own instincts. Which means I’m GENERATING the environment around myself by keeping in mind that I ORGANISE it properly if not then I’m responsible for the DESTRUCTION or vice versa.

I’ve found GOD within me. This can only happen when I feel responsible for anything small or big. For which I need to volunteer and give my 100% to that. So this is the solution…. TAKING RESPONSIBILITY. This will help me knowing my worth which is essential to make me strong. I’ve the strength within me and now got a chance to prove myself for my own growth.